Seeking for end of life guidance and companionship?

Grieving and looking for support?

Desiring to plan a passing of life ritual or ceremony?

Are you a loved one looking for closure?

In response to Covid 19, Tara is serving individuals nearing end of life (or possible) and their loved ones through virtual companion support.  During these difficult times, Tara feels her gifts of grounded energy and focus during uncertainty is an asset to serve community and 

What exactly is an End of Life/Death Doula? 
A Death Doula (also, Death Midwife) is a non-medical person, who supports the passing of life between the medical field and funeral home business as a spiritual, practical and emotional guide.
Virtual Offerings During COVID 19 Times...
*Live or recorded guided meditation with the hospitalized &/or loved ones afar
*Preparations and ideas for virtual end of life services at home (group or individual)
*Virtual guided ceremony and/ or reception    *Music and conversation of comfort
*Grief & loss support through companionship (Tara is not a certified counselor/therapist)
Are you offering any in person work?   Not in a medical or care facility or if you've been diagnosed with covid19.  However, if you are local to Tara or can travel to Tara in person, support for 2 or less people might align.  This is dependent on covid19 guidelines and comfort levels of all.  The above mentioned is subject to change at any point in time.
Are you certified?  Yes, I received a death Doula certification through Earth Traditions December 2019, who is one of the nation's leading death Doula certification programs weaving in spiritual guidance, conscious care and emotional support to end of life passages.  Earth Traditions specifically teaches their death Doula students to help guide
in choices at end of life. 
Do you offer religious services?  I consider my offerings to be mindfully, emotionally and spiritually connected.  Growing up Christian in the Greek Orthodox church, being a level 4 certified Tantra guide, having studied years of meditation, energy wellness work and am currently in a 2 year earth based ministry program, my offerings and ceremonies are considered spiritually (not religious) based.  Offering death and grieving meditation with mindfulness to prepare of end of life and/ or grieve the loss of a loved one is my specialty.  Ritual, ceremony and rites of passage are important to me.  Click here to learn more about other rites of passage offered.
Will you make burial arrangements for me or a loved one?  No.  However I can suggest different options in helping you choose which is best for you.  There are typically more choices in body deposition than what is presented at a funeral home.
Have you worked remotely before?    Yes, with the birth of Earth Tantra in 2016, I've worked virtually with clients.  This includes private sessions, small groups and over 14 virtual courses.  Virtual support can include phone or video.
What are your fees?
A complimentary discovery session is required first to see if our energies align, and what you are seeking in a guide is what I'm able to provide.  Virtual private sessions (with no ceremony) are $99 per hour for emotional and spiritual guidance for the passing and/ or grieving loved ones.  Virtual end of life LIVE ceremonies begin at $449 for up to 2 hours of discussion for ceremony preparations, 1.5 hours of live end of life virtual ceremony and 1 hour of end of life family/ friends grieving/ loss support.  This doesn't include ceremony materials.  Details will be covered in our discovery session as I can custom this offering.
If you are alone or are seeking a death companion, we can also talk about this arrangement as well.
Other questions?  E-mail Tara or book a 30 minute complimentary discovery session here.
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