Healing Your Lower 4 Chakras


-Next Course Begins March 7th-

Learn At Your Own Pace - 5 Week Course

Meaning No Specific Times To Tune In

A Breath & Energy Wellness Meditation Course

Safety, Creativity/Sexuality, Power & Love

Root = Earth    Sacral = Water    Solar Plexus = Fire    Heart = Air

March 7th - April 11th OR May 7th for Teacher Certification


Are you looking to improve your breath wellness?  Energetic & Body connection?


Sometimes we forget about the body energy as we desire to be most connected with our higher self.  Yet, without the healing and opening of the lower 4 Chakras through breath and energy connection, we will time and time again slip back into the trauma, shame, shadows & trauma held root to heart.  When we open these pathways, our health & energetic wellness begin to flourish. 


Learn to  "tap" into your own body, leave your monkey mind and feel your energy.  

Grow with guidance for self healing, expansion and connection through the

Earth Based Tantric practices of mother nature's 4 elements, basic Tantric breath (beginning breath work), Chakra Energy Centers, meditation and more.  *LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE - MEANING CHECK IN THE COURSE 2 TO 4 TIMES A WEEK WHEN IT'S MOST CONVENIENT FOR YOU. 

5 Week Learn At Your Own Pace Course Includes: 

Access & support to a private facebook page that will offer the following:

*5 recorded (18-25 minute) instructional/ guided meditation video each week 
*1 short inspirational video AND/OR other supportive material 3 - 4 times a week.
*Learn 1 Chakra per week to dive deep & practice techniques for blockages and overactive energy.
*Each Chakra function, element, balance, meditation tools, crystals, vibration, body movement, food, colors etc.
*Weekly home practices & tips
*Introduction to basic Tantric meditation breath (Root to Heart) 
*Learning to move from the monkey mind and drop back into our bodies for increased trust
*Networking and support in our micro family unit as we grow together during this journey
*5 part course to help bring self love/care, respiratory wellness, self awareness & balance back to your life
*Access to all posts in the group for fb group lifetime, so you can return as many times as you'd like


BUSY LIFE?  NO PROBLEM.  Watch, practice, learn, connect, inspire, connect & seek on your own time.

Course Options:

  • Basic = $69 - access to videos, facebook page postings, home practices, one 1 hour optional LIVE group zoom check in mid course, virtual message check ins with Tara and community support  UNLIMITED SPACE

  • Teacher Certification/ONLY 2 SPACES REMAIN!!! = $199 - BEST DEAL! Includes above AND...

    • 4 private phone 30 minute check-in sessions (3 required/ 1 optional)

    • 2 Teacher Group Sessions (via skype or phone)

    • 1 optional group check in mid way through course (mentioned above)

    • Personalized support & home practices

    • Teaching practice (4 hrs of practicum) for a certificate to guide others in body & earth based lower Chakra healing and an introduction to Basic Tantric Breath Meditation. 

    • This course option lasts approx 1 month longer than the 5 week course to allow time for extended study and practicum. *If you complete the 35 hour time sheet assignments & requirements you will receive the teacher's certification (SAVE $193!) LIMITED SPACE!  

    • If you can't complete the course by May 14th you can extend the due date for up to a year for an additional $25.


Tentative Course Schedule

Week #1 - Opening of group and introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Root Chakra

Week #2 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Sacral Chakra

Week #3 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Solar Plexus Chakra

Week #4 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Heart Chakra

Week #5 - Putting it all together Root To Hear and additional practices

Week #6-10 - Continuation of teacher's certification program & practicum

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