A 4 Night Silent Meditation Earthing Experience








June 12th - 16th, 2019


Corbett Cliffside - Ouray, Colorado

Expand or begin your meditation practice by unplugging in nature to
quiet the monkey mind, bring inner peace and create a space without distraction to connect within.
Join us on a 4 night silent meditation retreat in the world famous San Juan Mountains for a meditation journey to detox from technology and unplug to truly drop within.  Remember - all of our answers are within.  It's the fast pace life and monkey mind ego that prevents us to #stopconnectlistentrust .  
Corbet Cliffside, a west facing private sanctuary surrounded by 1,800 acres of private land, offers beautiful views of Corbett Mountain, The San Juan Mountain Range and Grand Mesa to the north.  
The long nearly all silent weekend will focus on expanding your meditation journey through earth based meditation practices or your personal meditation practice.  This retreat is intended for individual practice from beginner to proficient.  However, will begin and end in group ceremony as well as allow time for group sits and private guidance time with Tara.
This Retreat Is A Good Choice If......
* You are called to unplug & tech detox    *Nature deprivation has crept into your life
*You are ready to take your meditation practice to the next level
 *Earthing/Grounding is important to you   *It's time for an energy reboot
*Coming back to center and calming the monkey is a priority
*You are new to meditation and not sure where to begin  
*There is a particular cross road in your life, but time is holding you back from
receiving the answer with a clear grounded mind and energy 
4 Night Silent Meditation Earthing Investment: 
$199:  Old Student (you've already attended ETR1, HL4C, Sensual Souls or Private Retreat)
$279:  New Student (this is your first Naked Earth Tantra Meditation Retreat)
New Student Investment:  Includes 1 hr private virtual session with Tara before the
retreat AND 1 new student group orientation from 10-1pm on June 12th
*Bring your own tent & sleeping gear
Rent a Tent/bag = Add $45         Rent a Tipi & bag = Add $80
Add a night before  - arriving after dinner at 7pm:  $38 (light breakfast included)
*$100/$150 is a non-refundable sign up fee - but can be used toward future events if you can't make it last minute
June 12 
10am:  New students arrive (set up & orientation)
Noon: Old students arrive (set up)
1:30pm:  Group Welcome & Silent Meditation Ceremony
3pm:  Silent Meditation Begins 
6pm:  Dinner Served
8pm:  PM Sit & Lesson in group tipi
June 13-15
7am: AM Sit in group tipi
8am:  Breakfast Served
10am:  Optional Silent Meditation Guided Walk
Noon:  Lunch Served
2-3pm:  Optional 10 min guidance sessions with Tara
6pm:  Dinner Served
8pm:  PM Sit & Lesson in group tipi
*15th/3pm: - Welcome back gathering & end silent meditation
6pm:  Dinner Served
7:30pm:  Optional hike to private 3 story water fall &sunset at look out point 
9:30pm:  Short night sit in group tipi
June 16th
7am:  AM Sit in group tipi
8am:  Breakfast Served
9am:  Closing Ceremony & Service
10:30:  Pack up and good byes
Saturday 2-4pm:  Group Sessions
Saturday 7:00-9:00pm: Evening Shiva/Shakti Ceremony 
Sunday 9:30 - 11am:  Group & Closing Session
Why 4 Nights?  It takes the body, mind and soul, including our neural system, a FULL 72 hours to completely unplug and ground in order to come back to a energy centered state.  Healing in nature (aka earthing) is actually a practice - click here to learn more:
Where is Corbett Cliffside?  Corbett Cliffside is the property where Tara personally resides.  Her tiny home is located in near view of the retreat space.  The private property of 1,800 acres over looks Ouray, Colorado and is off CR14 and 1.5  miles past Bachelor Syracuse Mines on a private gated road.   Unless you arrive with a 4WD high clearance vehicle, you'll be asked to keep your vehicle parked near the mine tour due to the steep road drive.  We will provide transportation to the retreat space free of charge.  Your car will be safe by the mines.
How many people will attend?  Approximately  4-6 individuals
Is this retreat clothed?  Yes, this retreat is clothed, but there are opportunities for clothing optional forest bathing.  You'll be encouraged to make skin to skin contact with mother earth during the retreat (bare footing, sitting on mother earth, belly to belly, etc)
Is this really a completely silent retreat?  Yes, you'll be asked to keep any chatter in your mind.  This retreat somewhat follows the traditional Vipassana Meditation format of refraining from eye contact, whispering, smiling, non-verbal gestures, cell phones, reading and writing.  However, you may choose to journal beginning after breakfast on June 15th to capture lessons learned and empowering thoughts.  Once silent meditation is over on June 15th (see schedule above), there will be time to check your phones and reconnect with family and friends afterwards.
What if there is an emergency?  Tara will have your emergency contact information and you'll give your emergency contact Tara's information.  If an emergency arises at home, Tara will connect with you so you can call home right away.  If there is an emergency on your end during the retreat, you'll call home or Tara,  if for some reason you are unable to.  We will also cover other emergency scenarios as a group.
What is included?   
  • All meals for all dietary needs (first night is a potluck - please bring an item to share)
  • 4 nights of primitive camping on private property in nature with amazing mtn views
  • Your own private meditation tent space
  • 2 group ceremonies, group sits & discourse/lessons
  • Daily guided silent nature walks
  • Water/tea/coffee/snacks, sunscreen, yoga mat/meditation supplies & more
  • Epic sunrises and sunsets
  • An opportunity to connect with Tara for 1 on 1 private guidance during the retreat
  • Optional retreat adventure to a secret 3 story water fall and sunset look out point
What isn't included?​  Showers and flushing toilets are not included as this is primitive camping retreat. Running water is limited in our location.  Baby wipes and a small private cleaning stall are provided, as well as a private non-flushing/decomposting toilet.
What can I bring?  Your tent and sleeping gear if you aren't renting one.  A list of to bring items will be sent out to the group 2-3 weeks before the retreat.  Keep in mind weather can range from 30 degrees to 85 degrees mid June.  Nights are usually still cold.
Where are the closest airports?  Montrose, Durango or Grand Junction.  Denver airport is a 7 hour drive from Ridgway
Other questions?  E-mail Tara or book a 30 minute complimentary discovery session here.
Ouray, Colorado & Beyond (Including International)