November 8th - December 13th

A full cycle moon 5 week virtual course for anyone who identifies as female

Join us for a fun, sacred and meaningful Moon Cycle virtual course through a secret facebook group page for re-connection to self and nature appreciation.


No Need To Be Present At Any Specific Time - Learn At Your Own Pace

* Group Will Be Up For 1 ENTIRE Year For Reference *


In this course you will experience and learn:

*Moon Ritual:  How to set a basic new and full moon altar

*Calling in the 7 directions and opening altar space

*Moon Cycles - including the science!

*How to set new moon intentions & evaluate and release full moon energy

*Belly breathing, womb mediation, root & sacral chakra work - healing with moon

*Aligning sexual energy with mother moon

*Moon creation (weave in moon art, womb art, journaling, dance and more.)

*How to incorporate cacao (or other drink) into moon ritual

*Weekly home practices & tips

*Crystal work and cleansing

*Live guided 2 new and 1 full moon ceremonies (recorded)

*Inspiration with each phase

*How to create your personal relationship and rituals with mother moon

*Moon book suggestions 

*And More!

BUSY LIFE?  NO PROBLEM.  Watch, practice, learn, connect, inspire & seek on your own time.

Course Options - Per Household (for anyone who ID's as female)

  • Basic $69 Access to secret facebook page group community and postings for 1 WHOLE year, recorded video lessons, 2 live new moon ceremonies & 1 full moon ceremony, home practices, tips and more.

  • Moon Magic Custom Support = $99 BEST DEAL! includes the above AND..........

    • 2 30 minute minute check in sessions per household for deeper healing support & Q/A for specific moon magic practices not covered in the course (examples include rituals for couples, womb trauma, yoni steam, etc).

Supplies Needed For Course & Ceremonies

Prerequisite - an interest in connecting with the moon AND facebook account.  You will be invited to the secret fb group approx 3 - 1 days before the course begins depending on when you sign up.


  • Altar space in your home for the duration of the entire course (side table, large movable plate or tray, space in corner of room on floor, etc)

  • 1 mug or other drinking vessel per person for each ceremony 

  • Herbal teas, milk teas or water for the new moon ceremonies

  • Cacao drink, green/black tea, hot chocolate or any hot drink for the full moon ceremonies

  • (cacao can be bought online or nearly any healthy food store)

  • 1 stone or crystal per person 

  • 1 earth element (dirt/sand/stone, etc)

  • 1 air element (feather, picture of sunrise, bird, etc)

  • 1 fire element (candle, picture of sun, etc)

  • 1 water element (shell, cup of water, picture of ocean, etc)

  • Paper and pencil per person 

Tentative Course Schedule:  3 to 5 posts per week

Week #1 - Introductions/agreements, Altar Setting, New Moon, Intentions, Live Ritual Nov 13th

Week #2 - Moon Phases, Life Cycles, Womb Connections, & Syncing w/ Moon Energy

Week #3 - Full Moon, Cacao, Evaluating Intentions/Releasing, Sexual Energy & Live Ritual Nov 29th

Week #4 - Moon Book Suggestions, Dance, Honoring Your Yoni & Moon Journaling

Week #5 - Cycling Back To New Moon, Journey/ Lessons & Last Live Ritual Dec 13th

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