VIDEO: Smudging Basics & How To Smudge People

VIDEO: Smudging Basics & How To Smudge People


Not sure which elements are needing for a smudging kit? 

Want tips on how to keep your smudge stick burning?  

Desiring to learn how to smudge others for ceremony or ritual?


Invest in this 2 part 13 minute video to help you understand

  • The crutial components of a smudge kit
  • Background science on keeping your smudge stick smoking
  • Best practices in honoring, cleaingr energy and welcoming people into ceremony through the art of smudging. 


Tara will share her lessons learned to help you come to ease in providing the best possible smudging techniques for guiding others into sacred spaces.  Smudging is best when respecful, fluid and with led with ease.  It's not meant to be rigid, too serious, without smiles and or presented with a stiff heart.

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