New Moon Red Tent Ceremony

Tentative Summer Dates:

May 23rd, June 19th, July 19th & August 18th

Earth Tantra Outdoor Retreat Center - Ouray, CO


$40 per person OR save $$$ - $70 for 2 people 

Only additional $20 for optional camping (your own tent, 4WD car or hammock)

*Sorry - no refunds.  This retreat sells out and space is precious . you can gift your spot to a friend if you can't make it or the $$ can be used as credit toward nearly all future earth Tantra events.

Saturday, May 23rd:  3pm - 7pm - Moon in Gemini

Theme:   Air & Heart Healing/ Opening

*Campers arrive at 2pm for car pooling

Friday, June 19th:  6 - 9pm - Moon in Cancer

Theme:  Summer Solstice Ceremony & Making Moon Cycle Water

*Campers arrive at 4:30pm

Sunday, July 19th:  4 - 10pm - Moon in Cancer


Men will honor women from the outside of the tipi & have their own Shiva circle

*Campers arrive at 3pm 

Tuesday, August 19th:  6pm - 10pm - Moon in Leo & Virgo

Theme:  Fire to Earth AND Smudgestick Making!

*Campers arrive at 5pm

Desiring to root with your femininity ?

Feeling a call to immerse into an ancestral sisterhood rite of passage?

Gather with us in gratitude for very special EARTHING Based Red Tent ceremonies to

rejuvenate, rest, connect with your feminine fire power within and celebrate in sacred ceremony.

Join us in a sacred tipi gathering with stunning views of Corbett Mountain to connect with mother earth, ground yourself through guided nature based meditation and breath work, and gather with other women to create a space for embracing and radiating your divine feminine.  During ceremony we will enter the womb (tipi) and practice ancient sisterhood traditions of rest, care for each other, personal growth, stories, laughter, reflection, nurture, tears & fun. 


We will tap into the healing powers of mother earth, to ground and center ourselves for this new moon cycle.   


Did you know some women simply weep in Red Tent because they've found a ritual in which they've finally found a safe place to embody, express and just be themselves?

















  • For anyone who IDs as female: ages 12-112 (ages 12-17 can attend with an adult)

  • You don't need to bleed (or ever have bled) to attend

  • Add on $20 per person for overnight rustic camping BRING YOUR OWN TENT or CAR CAMP WITH ONLY A 4WD VEHICLE (SUBARU, JEEP, TRUCKS AND SUV'S , ETC

  • Limited Space To 8 Individuals - save your spot early!  Red Tents typically sell out quickly!

  • Includes a potluck meal, most ceremony supplies, deep earth and grounding meditative practices, facility use, sacred ceremony, deep feminine connection and sacred rituals and practices to bring into your life.

  • Overnight camping includes hot drink in the morning (tea/coffee), place to sleep & ride back to vehicle if you don't have 4WD..

  • IF YOU DON'T HAVE 4WD, We will be shuttling groups of people to the sacred site in trucks.  It's very important to arrive on time.  Because we live on a gated property and Earth Tantra Outdoor Retreat Center is hard to find, we can't come back down to make a special trip for late arrivals.


Please arrive wearing ceremonial clothing in red (or pink/purple) to represent our moon cycle.  

Please also bring an item of meaning to place on our ceremonial altar (poem, crystal, charm, etc).

Overnight accommodation is camping - provide your own tent/ other camping supplies & breakfast 

You can bring your own blankets, pillows and extra warm layers.  There is only 1 pillow and blanket per person.

It is appreciated if each person contributes a pre-made easy side dish such as cut fruit, salad, chips/hummus, etc

Bring a waterbottle with water in it AND a hot drink mug.

Other delectables and hot drinks will available during the ceremony - as well as all other ceremonial supplies. 

You are invited to reach out to Tara with any questions. or 720.597.0320
Ouray, Colorado & Beyond (Including International)