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Each Sacred Stone and Element is personally harvested and hand crafted by Tara.  They aren't bought through anyone else - no bulk purchases, no store, no amazon.  Each elemental gift is found by Tara in nature as she wonders about in the woods.

Tara has a teaching degree in Earth Science Education/ Geology.  After years of learning and connecting with the science side and energy of mother earth's treasures, she believes strongly in their healing powers.    After collecting these beautiful gifts, Tara carefully cleans them by hand using only hot water and Dawn blue soap instead of using harsh chemicals.  Most store bought crystals today are cleaned with strong chemicals to remove the debris that naturally sticks to crystals over millions of years.   These imperfections are embraced with Earth Tantra, and if they can't be hand scrubbed with Blue Dawn they are left to witness.  ALSO, because of the remote locations each stone has been found it's safe to say that the only hands handling these stones are Tara's and sometimes her partner, Darrin.  This means the human transfer of energy to the stones is incredibly minimal and mindful - ready for your energy holding.

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