Sensual Souls Couples Retreat

Deepening Sacred Sexuality

*A 6 night small couples advanced retreat*

 Tentative Dates:  Feb 8th - 14th

February 16th - 21st 2021

Samasati Health & Wellness Retreat Center

South East/ Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica 

Desiring a deeper connection in sexual curiosity, primal energy and spirituality?

Needing to disconnect in order to reconnect in love?

You are invited to deepen your relationship with self and your beloved using sacred ancient & modern Tantric practices.

Take the time to fully connect and explore your sensuality in the safe private space of Samasati, a wellness and transformational eco-lodge on the south eastern coast of Costa Rica.

Deepen your sacred sexuality as a couple and join us for a relationship transformation and an adventurous, yet blissful, 6 night retreat. Be prepared for a very raw romantic jungle and beach experience as we ride the wave of Tantra from soft grounding to wild primal energy. 
This retreat is for ALL couples who are ready to shed some layers, dive deep into their relationship and connect with their beloved in brand new ways.  Click here to schedule your free discovery session now to see if this retreat is right for your relationship.
The Sanctuary













  • 250 private acreage - a safe sanctuary to unfold and drop into love

  • Open aired shared space with surrounding jungle views

  • Private rooms & bathrooms

  • Nature hiking trails and waterfalls

  • Brilliant wildlife surrounded by nature's elements

  • Locally sourced, exquisite and healthy meals 

  • Soak in the jacuzzi, relax in a hammock or enjoy the shared pool

  • ReConnect & love your body through a massage or a wellness treatment

  • Water and land excursions available in town on free day

  • Nooks and crannies to cozy up to inside and out

  • Assisted travel (plane/shuttle) from San Jose available for additional fee

  • *Click here soon for more highlights at the Samasati Website

Event Details

 Start:  February 8th, 4pm (arrive between Noon and 3pm)

End: February 14th, 10am

$1,865.00 (double bed) to $2,225.00 per couple 

Non-refundable RSVP fee is $180 - Remaining balance due January 20th

  • 6-NIGHT stay at the beautifully private Samasati

  • 3 Meals per day

  • 21 (approx) hours of group sessions 

  • 1 virtual pre-travel meeting (tbd - per couple or as a group)

  • 2 thirty-minute private check in sessions with Tara per couple during retreat

  • 3 beautiful evening ceremonies and supplies

During this retreat you will.....​


  • Explore and connect in love to yourself, nature and each other (setting the space)

  • Celebrate, play and support both masculine & feminine energies

  • Practice & grow Tantric breath and advanced energy exchange

  • Connect with your own energy movement to better share your energetic gifts

  • Learn 4 Elemental Massage

  • Practice the Art of Yoni and Lingam gazing

  • Tap into your primal animal and express your sexual desires with your partner

  • Expand sacred and sensual touch to enhance pleasure and bonding

  • Speak your voice about sexual taboos, fantasies, desires and personal boundaries  

  • Balance your 7 Chakras and connection to nature 

  • Grow as an individual and as partners

  • Increase awareness & explore old wounds, body image, fears and shame

  • Learn how to truly give and receive in the present moment

  • Meet in private session with Tara twice to further explore your area of growth

  • Have fun and down time for play & adventure locally as well as rest & relaxation

  • Discover how to intertwine the 5 senses into your love making

  • Have the opportunity to disconnect from the monkey mind and embody your body

  • Experience shares in group circles and sacred conversations

  • Immerse in 4 special evening ceremonies/Pujas 

  • Leave with the skills to grow and enhance your relationship for life

Sample Schedule

Monday - Feb 8th

4-5pm: Welcome, Introductions & logistics

6pm: Dinner

7:30 - 9pm:  Opening Ceremony

9pm - Good night

Tuesday - Feb 9th

7:15am - 7:45am: Guided morning meditation and yoga

7:45am: Breakfast

9-11am: Morning Session (Basic Chakra Breath, Elemental Hike)

11-1pm: Lunch Break

1-3pm: Afternoon Session (Sacred Conversation & Touch)

6pm:  Dinner

7:30-9:30pm: Ceremony of Touch & Elemental Massage

9:30pm - Good night

Wednesday - Feb 10th

7:15am - 7:45am: Guided morning meditation and yoga

7:45am: Breakfast

9-11am: Morning Session (Masculine & Feminine Energies)

11-1pm: Lunch Break

1-3pm: Afternoon Session (Advanced Chakra Breath & Energy Exchange)

6pm:  Dinner

7:30-9:30pm: Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

9:30pm - Good night

Thursday - Feb 11th

7:15am - 7:45am: Guided morning meditation and yoga

7:45am: Breakfast

9-10am: Morning Session

10am - 9:30pm:  Free Time (Take an excursion, get a massage, etc)

Friday - Feb 12th

7:15am - 7:45am: Guided morning meditation and yoga

7:45am: Breakfast

9-1pm: FREE TIME (lunches can be taken to go)

1-3pm: Afternoon Session (Honoring Shiva & giving our sacred gifts within)

6pm:  Dinner

7:30-9:30pm: Honoring Shiva Puja

9:30pm - Good night

Saturday - Feb 13th

7:15am - 7:45am: Guided morning meditation and yoga

7:45am: Breakfast

9-11am: Morning Session (Advanced love making)

11-1pm: Lunch Break

1-3pm: Afternoon Session (Honoring Shakti & giving our sacred gifts within)

6pm:  Dinner

7:30-9:30pm: Honoring Shakti Puja

9:30pm - Good night

Sunday - Feb 14th

7:15am - 7:45am: Guided morning meditation and yoga

7:45am: Breakfast

9-10am:  Good byes & Gratitude

What's not included??

Travel to and from Samasati

Personal snacks 

Ceremonial dress - white clothing to receive honor AND Red or Black to give honor

Personal clothing, health and beauty products other personal items

*A suggested to bring list will be sent out 1 month before the retreat.

Curious about more?  Have questions?  CLICK HERE NOW

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